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For $8.95 a month, you will receive 1 monthly optional head screening, 2 free treatments with our FDA-approved AirAllé medical device, in the event of future lice outbreaks.


We’re so confident in our service, we know that in the event you come into contact with lice again, we’ll be your first choice for protection.   Enroll Now.


Call us today to protecting your family year-round from the nuisance that is head lice.

Lice Clinics of America – Dallas

Lice Protection Plan

Enjoy peace of mind through the Lice Clinics of America Protection Plan

For only $8.95 per month per person you’ll receive:

  • Up to 1 optional head screening per month
  • Up to 2 free Signature AirAlle treatments per year in the event of any future lice infestation upon positive diagnosis by an LCA certified technician
  • Peace of mind knowing we’re here to help at any time


  • The Protection Plan is $8.95 per month per person. Only enrolled participants are eligible to receive plan benefits.
  • Every member of the household AND secondary households (where applicable) must be screened and cleared of lice by Lice Clinics of America at time of enrollment
  • Lice Clinics of America reserves the right to refuse enrollment or terminate the enrollment of our Protection Plan
  • You must be currently enrolled in the plan and current on payments to take advantage of plan benefits
  • You may cancel your Protection Plan at any time.
  • The credit card will be charged automatically every month after enrollment
  • Should a customer enrolled in the plan need a treatment, ALL additional family members not enrolled (including secondary households) must be checked and treated if necessary, incurring all applicable charges, for the enrolled customer’s plan to continue.

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